We’ve all had those moments when we look at our children and it hits us all at once, “How do they grow up so fast?” When this moment occurs, our thoughts are filled with questions:

“Will I need to buy my kids a car?”

“Is our house big enough for our growing family?”

And the scariest of all – “How will we afford college?”

Planning for college can be a confusing process. Trying to navigate the myriads of rules related to tuition assistance and applications is often times difficult.

At REM Financial Strategies, we’re here to help. Our decades of experience navigating the complex road to college is designed with three goals in mind.

  • First, we want to help your children get access to the schools that will help them build great careers. Settling for your second or third choice of schools is not acceptable, and our experience helping hundreds of local families allows us to guide you through this process.
  • Second, we’re experts at helping you use the best savings tools available to prepare for the cost of college tuition. While the prospect of saving tens-of-thousands of dollars can seem insurmountable, armed with the solutions we provide, you’ll be well prepared for the road ahead.
  • Finally, we’re passionate about helping you make strategic choices about where your assets are allocated. Many families don’t realize that their assets can actually penalize their children from qualifying for various assistance programs – greatly increasing the out-of-pocket expenses for tuition. With our wealth of knowledge, we can show you how to minimize the assets that appear on the FASFA to ensure you get the most benefit possible from tuition assistance programs.

Rather than wading through piles of paperwork, turn to REM Financial Strategies like hundreds of other local families have to simplify the process.


Questions To consider:


  •  Where do I start?…the clock is ticking and I’m running out of time!
  •  Time is money…will I have enough of either?
  •  Can I afford to do this myself?


  •  I know where I want to go to college. Isn’t that good enough?
  •  Can’t I search college websites and find all the scholarship opportunities out there…or can I?
  •  Will my grades and test scores get me into any college I want… or is there more to it?


  •  With over 7 million high school student-athletes, how can I stand out to college coaches?
  •  Will my high school coach get me recruited?
  •  I want to play in college but am I good enough?
  •  I am an average player…how do I get recruited?

Academic Solutions

  • Creating your well-rounded student resume, extracurriculars, and presenting a complete academic portfolio
    ACT/SAT preparation
  • Preparation for scholarship and admission committee interviews, campus visits
  • Developing collegiate goals, iden fying the “right t”, personalized scholarship search, and college selection
  • Essays and evaluations, entrance exams, research white papers, letters of recommendation, official transcripts, scholarship & admission applications/ fee waivers
  • Financial award comparisons, creating competition & negotiation strategies
  • Personalized college major & career consulting, development of individual action plan, accountability, and execution under professional guidance

Student-Athlete Solutions

In addition to all of the Academic Solutions…

  • Understanding the—NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA and the Ivy League—rules, guidelines, eligibility, core course requirements, recruiting calendar, academic opportunities, processes & scholarships
  • Purpose & development of the complete student- athlete portfolio
  • Understanding the role of high school & club coaches
  • Skills evaluations, skills-highlight-gameday videos
  • Developing college goals, identifying the “right t”, selection, applications, waivers and enrollment
  • Preparing for coach & recruiting communication/ follow-up, questionnaires, phone calls, letters, emails, personal interviews, unofficial & official campus visits
  • Development of a personalized individual ac on plan accountability, and execution with professional guidance

What do I do now?




To pay less than retail for a quality higher education you need a comprehensive plant to:

• Find the right college for your student’s interests and your budget
• Maximize financial aid eligibility and scholarship potential
• Navigate the rising costs of college, while successfully achieving family financial goals

Our team of certified college coaches and financial fiduciary provides you with personalized guidance through this process. Now your college-bound student can afford a great college education without delaying or sacrificing your retirement.